Your Story in Motion

Video for branding, events, product demonstration, crowdfunding, fundraising, weddings and more.
Concept → Script/Storyboard → Production → Editing →
Delivery that turns Viewers into Leads.

Your Story at 24 Frames per Second


Your story is unique. Whether you’re trying to communicate an idea, establish a brand, or remember a moment in time, we work with you to find the most effective way to clarify and tell that story in moving images, words, sound, and music. For an audience of millions or your own private memories. We share Your Story at 24 FPS.

Stephen Sondheim

Capturing the Uniqueness of Your Special Day


Weddings are rich with story, and we love to tell those stories: Your story. Yes, there will be vows and a first married kiss, and a first dance, and toasts from friends, family, and loved ones. Those are among the things that make the day a wedding. What makes the day uniquely your wedding, though, is what makes it a story worth watching—your unique stories getting to this point, the style and unique choices you make. How you met, how you proposed, what makes you cry tears of joy on your wedding day, your crazy aunt’s surprising dance moves. A well-crafted video is a story, a story of you and this day of big change and all the parts of the day when you weren’t standing like statues with your portrait-ready smiles.

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